Episode 117

March 28, 2024


"Metaphysical Martini" 03/27/2024 - The Longest, Saddest "I Told You So"

Hosted by

Ani Avedissian
"Metaphysical Martini" 03/27/2024 - The Longest, Saddest "I Told You So"
Metaphysical Martini
"Metaphysical Martini" 03/27/2024 - The Longest, Saddest "I Told You So"

Mar 28 2024 | 00:58:53


Show Notes

You told us we were mad. Now you are dying and that is beyond sad.
Hello Everyone!  I'm Ani Avedissian.  Welcome to Metaphysical Martini.  3 parts spirit.  1 part rational mind.  Add 2 drops of optimism.  Give it all good, hard shake and pour.
Dress it with the olives of grace and empathy.  Sit back, sip slowly and contemplate the wonder of cosmic co-creation. 
Join me, Ani Avedissian, to find out what's true...what's woo...and what gets flushed down the loo in today's poorly educated, highly opinionated, dysfunctional little world.
Our goal is to "Let the Spirit Inhabit the Human," but be warned - this show is politically incorrect because we do not wish to erode our intellect.  If you are easily offended, this show is not for you.  If, on the other hand, you are a sovereign soul with a sense of humor and capacity for objectivity, then welcome aboard!
Two shots of Pisco
Real Cane Sugar Cola
This one is as simple as it gets
Put ice in a tall glass
Add the Pisco
Top up with Cola or another sweet soda
In honor of my Chilean friend Michael, who passed peacefully last week at his beachfront home. Ahora estás con Dios y todo está bien.
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I make podcasts and videos on my own dime to promote social awareness, to encourage We the Peeps to share ideas and opinions.  Without open, civil discussion, we cannot build a better world. Unless we are willing to entertain alternative points of view and have the guts to change our minds when presented with new information, we cannot enter the new golden age of reason. We need space to share, to declare and above all, we need to relearn the importance of discussion for the sake of evolution, not for the sake of winning an argument. 
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