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Hello Everyone! I'm Ani Avedissian. Welcome to Metaphysical Martini. Three parts spirit. One part rational mind. Add two drops of optimism. Give it all good, hard shake and pour. Dress it with the olives of...more

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Hello Everyone! I'm Ani Avedissian. Welcome to Metaphysical Martini. Three parts spirit. One part rational mind. Add two drops of optimism. Give it all good, hard shake and pour.

Dress it with the olives of grace and empathy. Sit back, sip slowly and contemplate the wonder of cosmic co-creation.

Join me, Ani Avedissian, to find out what's true...what's woo...and what gets flushed down the loo in today's poorly educated, highly opinionated, dysfunctional little world.

Our goal is to "Let the Spirit Inhabit the Human," but be warned - this show is politically incorrect because we do not wish to erode our intellect. If you are easily offended, this show is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are a sovereign soul with a sense of humor and capacity for objectivity, then welcome aboard!

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Hey Peeps!
I make podcasts and videos on my own dime to promote social awareness, to encourage We the Peeps to share ideas and opinions. Without open, civil discussion, we cannot build a better world. Unless we are willing to entertain alternative points of view and have the guts to change our minds when presented with new information, we cannot enter the new golden age of reason. We need space to share, to declare and above all, we need to relearn the importance of discussion for the sake of evolution, not for the sake of winning an argument.

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Meet our Hosts

Ani Avedissian

Ani Avedissian

Website: Hello! I am not your typical spiritual counselor, energy worker or paranormal activity specialist. Although trained extensively in traditional shaman lore and all things one would consider normal for an intuitive skill set, my work experience has been anything but orthodox. I was raised in London, England, in my father's hotel which happened to double up as a safe house for various British intelligence and security services. It was here, at an early age, that I learned how the world works and who actually runs it. It was a rude awakening to say the least. Over the years I found myself employed by various organizations; some benevolent, some malevolent. I learned a great deal about the machinery of evil and how it has been used for centuries to subjugate mankind, to erode our collective intellect, separate us from our connection to Source and ultimately, turn us into mindless micro-chipped automatons. I have made over 120 short Bitchute, Rumble and YouTube videos on metaphysics, spirituality, and social awareness. My podcast, Metaphysical Martini, a sassy, not-politically-correct-in-your-face-wake-up-call for mankind, is gaining in popularity and has a devoted fan base of "Martini Heads." My primary objective is to promote social awareness with regard to the Establishment's relentless campaign of perceptual engineering and to clarify and share information and spiritual knowledge appropriate for today's busy, noisy, and fractured world. The glory of our true nature has been hidden from us. Whenever mankind gets a glimpse of its magnificence, the Establishment is at the ready with a boxful of distraction tactics. Today, we stand at the brink of a totalitarian takeover by the darkest of forces. The battle is not one of petty partisan politics but of good versus evil, freedom versus tyranny. If we don't take a stand now for all that is good, whole, and holy, we will wallow in a pool of regret and misery for a long time indeed. Our only choice is to Let the Spirit Inhabit the Human. Deception only exists where there is no clear perception. My diverse clientele comes to me from all over the world. Despite my unusual background, I'm actually a jovial, compassionate soul with a lovely dry sense of humor. I have a genuine desire to help us understand the game of life and to play it well.